Earn While You Learn in a High-Wage, High-Demand Job with Apprenticeship Training

by Molly Hendrickson

March 19, 2024

Not interested in going to college? Do you like learning in a hands-on environment while earning money at the same time? An apprenticeship might be a great training opportunity for you.

But how do you decide which apprenticeship program to pursue? Some things to consider when you are contemplating career choices are whether there will likely be job openings available once you complete your training and whether the job pays enough to support your needs. We can help you with that.

The table shown here includes those jobs where paid apprenticeships are offered to help you learn the skills of the job. This list only includes those that are considered to be in high demand and offer high wages within Oregon statewide. There are other apprenticeships available but they may not be considered high-wage and high-demand jobs.

For more information about apprenticeship opportunities in Oregon, visit the apprenticeship website of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries.

Table showing High-Wage, High-Demand Jobs With Apprenticeship Training


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