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Occupational Report for Construction Laborers (47-2061) in the Clatsop / Columbia / Tillamook region
Occupational Description

Perform tasks involving physical labor at construction sites. May operate hand and power tools of all types: air hammers, earth tampers, cement mixers, small mechanical hoists, surveying and measuring equipment, and a variety of other equipment and instruments. May clean and prepare sites, dig trenches, set braces to support the sides of excavations, erect scaffolding, and clean up rubble, debris and other waste materials. May assist other craft workers. Construction laborers who primarily assist a particular craft worker are classified under "Helpers, Construction Trades" (47-3010). Excludes "Hazardous Materials Removal Workers" (47-4041).

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Construction Laborers
Employment Outlook for Construction Laborers
Statewide Employment Analysis Employment in this occupation in 2012 was much larger than the statewide average for all occupations. The total number of job openings is projected to be much higher than the statewide average number of job openings for all occupations through 2022. This occupation is expected to grow at a much faster rate than the statewide average growth rate for all occupations through 2022.

Reasonable employment opportunities exist largely due to the significant number of job openings projected for this occupation.

Regional Employment Analysis Employment in this occupation in 2012 was much larger than the regional average for all occupations. The total number of job openings is projected to be much higher than the regional average number of job openings for all occupations through 2022. This occupation is expected to grow at a somewhat faster rate than the regional average growth rate for all occupations through 2022.
Data Sources and Limitations
Current Employment Department Job Openings for Construction Laborers There are 2 current openings for this occupation in the Clatsop / Columbia / Tillamook region. Openings 1 through 2 are listed below.
Job Title Date Posted Location Wage Offered
Construction Laborer 8/8/14 Tolovana Park $13.00/hr
General Construction Laborer 8/4/14 Deer Island $10.00/hr to $15.00/hr DOE
Job Openings from the Web for Construction Laborers
State of Oregon License Information for Construction Laborers No statewide license is required for this occupation.
Wages for Construction Laborers
Region ---------------- 2014 Wages ----------------
Percentiles (hourly wages) Avg
10th 25th 50th
75th 90th
Oregon Statewide $10.77 $12.96 $16.49 $21.56 $26.84 $17.63 $36,676
Clatsop / Columbia / Tillamook 10.81 12.77 15.56 18.10 23.89 16.25 33,801
Data Sources and Limitations
Regional Employment Projections for Construction Laborers
Region Employment Change % Change Projected Annual Openings
2012 2022 Growth Replacement Total
Oregon Statewide 8,073 10,387 2,314 28.7% 231 173 404
Clatsop / Columbia / Tillamook 171 209 38 22.2% 4 4 8

These estimates do not include self-employment. Replacement openings are caused by existing workers permanently leaving their occupation. Many additional job openings occur due to job changes within occupations.
Data Sources and Limitations
Industries of Employment for Construction Laborers
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Ownership 2012
Total All Industries All 171
Total All Industries Private 130
Construction Private 89
Construction of Buildings Private 20
Residential Building Construction Private 13
Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction Private 23
Specialty Trade Contractors Private 46
Foundation, Structure, and Building Exterior Contractors Private 11
Other Specialty Trade Contractors Private 27
Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services Private 33
Administrative and Support Services Private 33
Employment Services Private 24
Total All Industries Local 41
Local Government, Excluding Education and Hospitals Local 40
Educational Requirements for Construction Laborers There are typically no educational requirements for this occupation. Those with a high school diploma or equivalent have a competitive advantage in the labor market. In addition, short-term on-the-job training is typically needed, once employed, to attain competency in the skills needed in this occupation.
Skills for Construction Laborers
  • Apply Adhesives
  • Apply Spray-Foam Insulation To Small Gaps And Cracks In Buildings
  • Apply Waterproofing Membrane Liquid To Building Foundations
  • Build Swales
  • Cut, Fit And Join Construction Materials
  • Erect Scaffold
  • Follow Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Follow Safety Procedures
  • Form, Pour, And Finish Concrete
  • Install Downspouts On Rain Gutters
  • Install Electric Sump Pumps
  • Install Exterior Footing Drains
  • Install Interior Foundation Drains
  • Install Metal Flashing On Roofs
  • Install Rain Gutters
  • Install Solar Light Tubes In Buildings
  • Install Waterproofing Membrane Sheets On Building Foundations
  • Maneuver Heavy Objects
  • Operate Equipment Such As Air Hammer And Earth Tampers
  • Operate Hand And Power Woodworking Tools
  • Operate Power Construction Equipment
  • Perform Basic Carpentry
  • Read Repair Work Orders
  • Read Schematics And Specifications
  • Remove Metal-Framed Windows From Buildings
  • Remove Vinyl- Or Fiberglass-Framed Windows From Buildings
  • Remove Wood-Framed Windows From Buildings
  • Sharpen Cutting Tools
  • Use Basic Mathematics
  • Use Dollies, Hand Trucks Or Wheelbarrows
  • Use Measuring Devices Such As Measuring Tape
Schools and Training Providers for Construction Laborers No programs of training are associated with this occupation.
Career Pathway Roadmaps for Construction Laborers These Oregon community colleges have defined career pathway roadmaps to facilitate entry into this occupation:

Clackamas Community College
Clatsop Community College
Klamath Community College
Rogue Community College
Related Occupations The scores listed below indicates how closely the skills for Construction Laborers matches the occupation in the list. A score of 100% means the occupations have identical skill sets. A maximum of 10 occupations are displayed below.
Occupation Skill Overlap
Cement Masons And Concrete Finishers 33%